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MILLER MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING GROUP is dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organizations. Our team of consultants are highly respected professionals who bring their diverse backgrounds and world experiences to enrich our consulting engagements. Miller Management & Consulting Group offers a wide array of individual and organizational development, trainings and management consulting services. We focus on developing conversations that are meaningful, insightful and lead to systemic and sustainable transformation. Whether it is training, coaching or organization-wide change our team is able to successfully customize services to meet your needs as well as those of your organization.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

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“We discover that as human beings we can live in a possibility instead of in what we have inherited, that instead of just being a human being because we were born that way, we can declare the possibility of being for human beings. This is the work of transformation: bringing forth a breakthrough in the possibility of being human.”

– Werner Erhard


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