(2.5 hrs A / 2.5 hrs B)
This course is required for first-time Academy participants
In this session, you will:
• Deepen your awareness of the role of a clerk in today’s local government and how that role has been culturally influenced over time;
• Deepen your awareness of how you relate to and communicate with others;
• Gain skills in more effectively relating with others;
• Deepen your awareness of how you create value in your organization and community today; and
• Develop goals and action plans for achieving these goals using the SMART method of goal setting.
Through group discussion, journaling and exercises, you will explore the nature of your role and how much it is influenced by tradition, culture, and your own skills; you will explore your communication style and how that style interacts with and influences others, and you will learn how to set goals and create action plans using the SMART method of goal setting.
This session requires some pre-work in the form of the Success Signals Profile©
Trainers: Wandzia Rose, Colleen Nicol