What is the Academy?

The MMCA is designed specifically for those working on attaining the Master Municipal Clerk or Certified Clerk of the Board of Supervisors designation. Courses are designed and content is created with the more tenured and experienced municipal and county clerk in mind. Recognizing that the needs of this customer base are different than those working on their CMC, the Academy is designed with those needs in mind. The content is applicable and value-added for Clerks to the Board of Supervisors (County), Special District clerks, and City and Deputy Clerks. All gather with the common bond of a desire for lifelong learning, as these professionals continue to lead in their respective fields. The content of the sessions in this Academy are designed at an advanced level.

Who should attend the Academy?

While anyone can attend, the Academy was designed specifically for those clerks who have a higher level of experience and knowledge base. It is suggested that those who have already attained the Certified Municipal Clerk designation and are currently working towards the Master Municipal Clerk designation, or those working on attaining the Certified Clerk of the Board designation register for this session. Any clerk outside region IX or those belonging to other state associations are also invited to attend. For attending all sessions which is a total of 20 instructional hours, you will receive ten (10) points towards your certification.

University Extension Credits through the University of Riverside at California are also available.

MMCA Refund Policy

Refunds received before registration cutoff, will be subject to a $300 administrative fee and the credit card fee is non-refundable. No refunds will be given for cancellations received after registration cutoff at 5 p.m. No exceptions.

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“I’ve attended the MMC Academy for three years now and when I leave each time, I have a new perspective on work, a better understanding of those that are around me (co-workers and customers) and most of all a sense of who I am and my purpose as a Clerk. The staff bring forward great activities that are hands-on causing the attendees to dig deep into their hearts and minds to ask questions that they’ve probably haven’t had the opportunity to ask, deal with feelings that they’ve placed aside and learn from others that are in or have been in similar situations. I look forward to attending many more MMC Sessions in the future and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to surround myself with others who understand the nature of the work I do each day.”


Lillian Harris-Neal
Clerk of the Board
Southern California Association of Governments