Our approach and values

We value the power of the human experience and the strength that each individual and organization has within them to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic world. We help our clients access that strength through facilitating honest and authentic conversations; interactive, inquisitive and experiential learning; and aid in developing the skills necessary to be compassionate, authentic and effective leaders in local government.

What we do

We are dedicated to the growth and development of individuals and organizations. Our team of consultants are highly respected professionals who bring their diverse backgrounds and world experiences to enrich our consulting engagements. We offer a wide array of individual and organizational development, training and management consulting services. Whether it is training, coaching, strategic planning or organization-wide change, our team is able to successfully customize services to meet your needs as well as those of your organization.

How we do it

Our team’s experience, knowledge and skills are combined with your life experiences, knowledge and skills to create a powerful learning environment. We believe that adults learn best not only by doing, but in reflecting on the action, so our trainings and other engagements are highly experiential. We focus on developing conversations that are meaningful, insightful and lead to systemic and sustainable transformation – individually and organizationally.

Pamela Miller

Owner and Principal Consultant, Pamela Miller, is a dynamic and effective leader, facilitator, trainer and motivational speaker, with exceptional organizational, analytical, and communication skills. She is successful at forging strong and effective relationships with elected officials, boards of directors, professional staff and community members. Having worked a number of years in executive management and training and development, Pamela decided to gather some colleagues who share her passion for local government and talent development when she started her own consulting group several years ago. Pamela holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Her team works with all levels of staff and elected officials and successfully conducts team development, training, and strategic planning facilitation. Pamela is certified in the delivery of Success Signals, an instrument designed to focus on understanding and developing communication styles.  See full bio.

“Pamela Miller is a consummate professional in every sense of the phrase. She is a proven leader in the fields of organization change and leader development. Having worked closely with her in spaces of government, nonprofit leadership, and business, I fully recommend her consulting services.”

Dr. Marcus Robinson, President, Social Innovation Group LLC

“In an extreme fast growth environment Pamela demonstrated vision, operational control and superb people skills. Her focus, attention to detail and ability to navigate through all organizational levels made her an exemplary partner.”

Joe Roth, Operations Director, Greater Green Valley Health Education Association