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About Pamela Miller

“Pamela Miller is a consummate professional in every sense of the phrase. She is a proven leader in the fields of organization change and leader development. Having worked closely with her in spaces of government, nonprofit leadership, and business, I fully recommend her consulting services.”

Dr. Marcus Robinson
President, Social Innovation Group LLC

“In an extreme fast growth environment Pamela demonstrated vision, operational control and superb people skills. Her focus, attention to detail and ability to navigate through all organizational levels made her an exemplary partner.”

Joe Roth
Operations Director, Greater Green Valley Health Education Association

What people say about MMCA

“Working in this profession requires a broad range of skills and attributes to be successful.  The Master Municipal Clerk Academy recognizes the uniqueness of working in local government and has curated a program that is designed to challenge its participants to think about their work from a holistic viewpoint.  The thoughtful planning of the sessions can be seen through every interaction as each series builds upon the last.  Pamela has masterfully crafted an environment that not only allows and encourages deeper learning and self-reflection, but focuses on nurturing friendships and strengthening networks that are crucial in the success of the City Clerk/Clerk of the Board. These elements, coupled with a diverse representation of session facilitators, promote honest conversations to take place in a safe and engaging setting. Having attending several academies, I can attest to leaving each feeling more empowered and rejuvenated, ready to approach my work with a renewed freshness in perspective and spirit!”

Hope Ithurburn
CMC City of Rocklin

“I came to the MMCA drained and overwhelmed, and left with new tools and skills and my cup refilled.”

Joelle Fockler
City Clerk
City of Concord

“The Master Municipal Clerk Academy has been a terrific learning experience for me both professionally and personally. I learned concrete steps to accomplish complicated Clerk projects, and also learned skills to do long term planning. I treasure my time at the MMCA, and know it makes me a far better public servant.”

Sarah Gorman
City Clerk
City of Santa Barbara 

“I have attended several sessions of the MMCA over the past three years and have found them to be on-topic and very enriching. The trainers are actively working in the government field and are up to date with today’s technologies and practices. The sessions have given me more insight into leadership qualities and aspects than I ever expected. I have been extremely pleased with the training I have gained from attending the MMCA and have had much success implementing those new skills. I recommend the MMCA to all up-coming leaders.”

Virginia J. Bloom, CMC
City Clerk
City of Lake Elsinore

“I have been fortunate to have attended four Master Municipal Clerk Academies which provided me with professional and personal topics, facilitators and insight that I will never forget. The academy format allows you to pick sessions that encompass City Clerk duties, management topics and provides personal insight with hands-on exercises. There has been no other training that I have attended that provides such encompassing topics, and after 20 hours of training, you can’t wait to use what you learned at work or in your personal life to benefit you and others that you interact with daily. I highly recommend attending the Academy, so you can experience this invigorating training.”

Antoinette Mann, CMC, CRM
Deputy City Clerk
City of Thousand Oaks

“The MMCA is a valuable resource for seasoned clerks like me that won’t settle for what they have already learned, but are always looking for what’s next. In this ever changing ‘clerk’ world we live in, I think it is imperative for City Clerks to always seek continuing education and the courses offered through MMCA are challenging, innovative and rewarding. Learning should never end – attending MMCA has and will continue to enrich my career as a City Clerk.

Lisa Thomason
City Clerk
City of Wheatland, CA

“I’ve attended the MMC Academy for three years now and when I leave each time, I have a new perspective on work, a better understanding of those that are around me (co-workers and customers) and most of all a sense of who I am and my purpose as a Clerk. The staff bring forward great activities that are hands-on causing the attendees to dig deep into their hearts and minds to ask questions that they’ve probably haven’t had the opportunity to ask, deal with feelings that they’ve placed aside and learn from others that are in or have been in similar situations. I look forward to attending many more MMC Sessions in the future and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to surround myself with others who understand the nature of the work I do each day.”

Lillian Harris-Neal
Clerk of the Board
Southern California Association of Governments