Pamela Miller has over 38 years of experience working in public, private, and non-profit sectors in California, North Carolina, and Michigan. She is a dynamic and effective leader, facilitator and trainer, with exceptional organizational, analytical, and communication skills. She is successful at forging strong and effective relationships with elected officials, boards of directors, professional staff, and community members.

Having worked a number of years for others in the fields of executive management and training and development, Pamela has started her own consulting group. Practiced in facilitating adult education, Pamela successfully incorporates her leadership experience into her human and organizational development work.

Pamela holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

Pamela Miller started the Miller Management & Consulting Group ( in 2014. She served as the Executive Director for the California Association of Local Agency Formation Commissions (CALAFCO) from September 2012 to February 2022. CALAFCO is a 501(c)3 nonprofit educational association designed to support the work of Local Agency Formation Commissions (LAFCo) in California.

She is the former Executive and Institute Director for Continuing Education for Public Officials (CEPO). Today, Pamela’s firm partners with the City Clerks Association of California (CCAC) to provide the Master Municipal Clerk Academy (MMCA). She is the Institute Director for the MMCA and as such is the Professor of Record for the MMCA at the University of Riverside Extension.

Prior to starting Miller Management & Consulting Group, Pamela served as the Executive Director for Continuing Education for Public Officials, Inc. (CEPO, Inc.), a non-profit organization that provided leader development and training to current and emerging leaders in the public sector in California. For ten years, she was designing and delivering training programs for CEPO, focusing on both leader development and advanced-level training for members of the City Clerks Association of California (CCAC) and the California Clerks of the Board of Supervisors Association (CCBSA).

Prior to returning to her native California in 2012, Pamela lived in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where she worked as Vice President for The Consortium for Community Development (the Consortium), a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. Her work there included systems and individual capacity building, as well as community development. She served as an executive-on-loan to both the City of Benton Harbor’s Emergency Manager and the area School District. In this capacity, she provided municipal leadership and expertise, assisting the state-appointed Emergency Manager in the implementation of the City’s new strategic plan and creating a stronger, more sustainable local government. This included developing a comprehensive composite of legislative processes, procedures, and policies, as well as serving as an advisor to the Emergency Manager and his core leadership team as needed. Her work in Benton Harbor began as a consultant and advisor to the ConnectUp! Fund, managing a multi-million dollar community advised fund for grass roots organizing, individual, and community capacity building.

Additionally, Pamela spearheaded several critical community initiatives in the K-12 arena. She led the development and establishment of a local College Access Network and Center (BH CAN), offering support services to students in the areas of post secondary preparedness, career assessment, and post secondary success. Pamela also led the implementation of the Benton Harbor Promise, a local program that pays for post secondary tuition and fees for all graduating seniors and was instrumental in the formation of the Promise Foundation.

Pamela also assisted in delivering personal growth workshops, including, Blueprints, Your Life by Design©, to residents of the area, having trained over 500 residents between 2007 and 2012.

Her public sector experience includes serving as Administrative Manager for the County Executive Office and Clerk of the Board of Supervisors for Napa County, as Deputy City Clerk for the City of Vallejo and as a consulting analyst to the Contra Costa County Flood Control District’s clean water program. In addition to her public sector experience, she has 25 years of private sector management and customer care experience, including project management and strategic planning for telecommunications, internet, and employment services companies.

Pamela earned a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Bachelor of Arts Degree from Siena Heights University. She has also earned a certification in Total Quality Management, completed the National Community Development Institute’s Community Builders Leadership Institute, and holds the Certified Municipal Clerk accreditation. Through the years, Pamela has served on a number of state association, community and non-profit Boards and Committees, and is co-director and provider of the Alameda County Leadership Academy, Contra Costa Leadership Academy and Sacramento Valley Leadership Academy.